Use Outlook rules to delete public folder conflict messages

I am in a DL that has explicit ownership permissions on all public folders in my org (all 22,881 of them).  And since Exchange sends public folder conflict messages to the owner(s) of a folder, I get quite a few of them.  At one time I thought I had a rule to move or delete them, but I couldn’t get it to work when I tried to set it up again.  Because the message class is different (IPM.Conflict.Folder) you don’t get to see the same fields as a regular message.  Rules to delete them based on words in the sender’s address, etc., had no effect, partly because the sender is the name of the folder that has the conflict, so it is a dynamic value.

Using MFCMapi to look at the properties of a conflict message, there are several properties that you’d think you could use, but when setting up a rule to use properties of the conflict message form, none of he properties are available.  And if you manually type in property name it gives you an error.

In the end, I tried setting the rule again to fire on subject contains "Conflict Message:" and it worked.  Huh.  So who knows what I was doing wrong before?  You can also have the rule fire if the message form is "Conflict Message."

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