Updated Exchange ActiveSync disable script

I previously posted (here) a script to disable Exchange ActiveSync for unauthorized users.  The script is based on using the dn of one or more groups to determine authorized users (i.e., if you are in the group, you are allowed).  This method recently failed me (twice) because some of the groups were renamed by another admin to make them more readable.  Not only were the display names changed, but the objects were renamed as well, so the cn and dn were changed.  This means my script couldn’t find the groups I had hard-coded, which isn’t good scripting practice anyway.

I have updated the script, which can be downloaded here, to search for the groups based on their objectGUID, which never changes no matter what you do to the object (rename, move, etc.).  Instead of hard-coding the dn of the object, I hard-code the objectGUID.  Then I bind directly to the object based on the GUID to retrieve its dn, which is used in the search filter to find the users I want to modify.

Note that ADO allows you to bind to an object given just its GUID, without having to specify other connection parameters.  You can also use the hexadecimal or binary format of the GUID in the connection string; AD will figure out which format you are using. I used the binary format in my script so that I could just copy and paste the value from Hyena into my script without having to convert to a hex value.

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