SVCC sermons now available via podcast

Prior to July 31, Summit View’s sermons were only available via copies of an analog tape recording.  So I took it upon myself to bring SVCC into the late 20th century by digitally recording the service.  I do some minor editing (like removing silence that works fine with a visual service but is awkward when listening only to the audio portion) and make them available in MP3 and WMA formats.  In addition, I make a mixed mode CD with both the CD audio portion and a data portion containing the mp3 and wma files.

Then I was recently asked about making the sermon (or message as we call it) available on iTunes so it can be downloaded automatically and listened to on the go.  So, to bring SVCC into the 21st century, the message of the week is available as a podcast.  You can subscribe to it by searching for the keywords Summit View, or you can subscribe manually (or for anyone who doesn’t want to use iTunes and has another reader they want to use).  The feed is at

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