Script to compare deployed BlackBerry handheld firmware with a local repository

If you use, say, BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager to facilitate firmware upgrades for users, then you have a bunch of them installed somewhere. (I have 49 versions among 15 carriers.) I keep a list of the ones I have installed, but I wanted to be able to compare that to what is actually in use among all the users in the organization. This way I can know which installs are obsolete, when new models are in use, and when newer versions are in use by users.

To use this script, in BlackBerry Manager (I am using 4.1.6) highlight all of your users and right-click on them, then select Export Asset Summary Data. The script will look for BESHandhelds.txt, but you can edit it to be whatever you want. The file that I use to track installed versions is just a csv with the following headers: Carrier, Model, Model Name, Version, Installed. Model Name is not used in the script, but mirrors the fields I use in an internal KB article that users can reference. Here is a sample table of entries:

Carrier Model Model Name Version Installed
AT&T 8320 Curve
AT&T 8520 Curve No
KPN 8820

I added the Installed field as a way to track models that don’t actually have a local installation either because there is only one release from the carrier or all handhelds are already on that version so there isn’t a reason to have it installed. The script will look for a file called BBFirmware.csv but, again, you can change it to whatever you want.

The switch statement starting in line 17 is to map the carrier name as recorded in BES to how I record it in my file. The output of the script will let you know carriers that are not defined in the statement, but you will want to add or remove carriers as necessary first.

The output will also let you know if a model is in use that is not found in your installation file, if a there is a newer version for a particular model that is in use, and if all users are using the latest version you have installed. What this script does not do is determine if you have the latest version that has been released by the carrier (since that would be much harder to do). Lastly, it will let you know of installations you have for models that are not in use anymore so that you can uninstall them.

I am a perfectionist, so I can already see ways to improve the script, but I would never be done if I didn’t stop somewhere. You can download the ps1 file below. (1.5 KiB)

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