Patch and reboot script updated to v2.4

These are the new features since the last posted version of the reboot script:

  • PowerShell remoting is now used to connect to Exchange instead of adding the snap-in locally.  Adding the snap-in isn’t a supported method by Microsoft since it bypasses RBAC, which resulted in an error balancing databases because the session couldn’t write to the admin audit log.  This also means the script no longer needs to be run on a system that has the management tools installed, so that check has been removed.
  • An optional parameter (RemotingServer) has been added to allow you to specify the Exchange server to use for implicit remoting.  The default action is that the script will look in AD for an Exchange server to connect to and will loop through the list until it is successful.  If you want to control the server used for remoting, then use this parameter.
  • Two optional parameters (ReportRecipients and StatusRecipients) have been added to allow you to override the recipients used for their respective purposes.  This is allows somebody running the script one-off to specify who should receive the messages without having to edit the script.  You can use either (or both) parameters.
  • An optional switch parameter (PauseBeforePatching) has been added to allow you to have the script pause before the patch script is called (if not using RebootOnly) to allow you to do some manual action on the server outside of the script and without it losing its place.  Manually installing a rollup is an example of what you may want to do, or some other application update.  Because this parameter requires interaction in the shell, it will be ignored if it is used in a non-interactive session (such as a scheduled task).
  • When processing a mailbox server, the cluster node will be paused and resumed at the appropriate times.  The script will remotely invoke the commands on the mailbox server being processed, so you don’t need to have the cluster management tools installed locally.
  • Comment-based help has been updated to reflect the new parameters.

The updated version can be downloaded below: (7.5 KiB)


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