OCS Web Components shares cannot use DFS

I tried mapping the location of the OCS presentation, metadata, and address book shares using DFS paths, only to get an error in the Create Pool Wizard.  The example in the wizard does show \\server\share, but I couldn’t imagine that it would be so archaic as to require hard-coded, specific servers in the UNC path.

The deployment guide doesn’t explicitly state that you can or cannot use DFS.  It does say that the wizard validates the path by attempting to set permissions, but it doesn’t say if it is trying to set share or NTFS permissions.  If it is trying to set share permissions, that isn’t going to work with DFS.  To top it off, there are no log files created during this test, so you can’t tell exactly what it is trying to do.

I resorted to calling Microsoft so I could ask them, and the confirmed that you have to go old-school and use \\server\share mapping.  I expressed my dismay at such an antiquated requirement and that it goes against best practices of hard-coding server names.  The engineer said that the product group has had several requests from customers to enable support for DFS, so I can only hope it will come in a service pack.

One thought on “OCS Web Components shares cannot use DFS

  1. hi,

    I did the following not to hardcode a server name into OCS.

    Create an standalone DFS Server. Create an DNS record that point to the standalone server like FSarray.domain.com and the using the FSARRAY in the installation. It worked for me.

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