New form for creating travel time appointments in Outlook

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I still use my code to create travel time appointments in Outlook.  I updated it a little while ago, though, to streamline it.  It now uses a VBA form to ask for the travel from and travel to times in one dialog:

The travel time form now lets you create both appointments from one dialog.

This saves a little real estate in the ribbon because now you only need one button:

The custom button runs the macro for launching the form and creating the appointments.

It also saves time because you can have it create both appointments in one go.  If you don’t need the to or from appointment created, leave its field blank.  You can download the two form files below, extract them anywhere, then in the VBA editor you can click File->Import File… and select the .frm file. (1.6 KiB)

You can copy the updated macros below and paste them into ThisOutlookSession in the VBA editor (and delete the macros from the old version).  The OpenOutlookFolder macro hasn’t changed, but is included for convenience.  The CreateTravelAppointment macro is now called CreateAppointment and the only change is that it sets the appointment’s category to Travel.  The CreateTravelToAppointment and CreateTravelFromAppointment macros are now combined into one called CreateTravelAppointment.  This is the macro you want your ribbon button to execute.

2 thoughts on “New form for creating travel time appointments in Outlook

  1. The icon (ribbon button) has to be added manually by customizing the ribbon.
    1. Right-click anywhere in the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon…
    2. In the Customize the Ribbon drop-down, select All Tabs.
    3. Scroll down to Calendar Tools and expand Appointment.
    4. Select Appointment, click the New Group button, then click the Rename button and give the group a meaningful name.
    5. Select the new group name, then in the Choose commands from drop-down in the upper left, select Macros.
    6. Select the macro that ends with CreateTravelAppointment and click the Add button. (I have the macro already added, along with another button for a macro, so you will just see the one entry under the new group.
    7. Click the Rename button, then type a display name for the button and select a desired icon.
    8. Click OK, then OK.
    9. In your calendar, select an appointment. The ribbon will change to Calendar Tools and automatically switch to the Appointment or Meeting tab depending on the type of item selected. You will see the new group as the right-most group, with your macro button in it.


  2. Hello,

    First of all thanks for your solution. I tried but I couldn’t visualize the icon. When I checked the TravelTimeForm code It isn’t include the first 15 lines. Could you please help me? Thanks again

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