Move (or rename) a mailbox’s system folders with WebDAV

For some time, my Junk E-mail folder has been under the Journal folder.  I have no idea how I moved it there or when, especially since the Junk E-[M]ail Folder (JMF) is a system folder and thus can’t be renamed or moved through conventional means in Outlook and OWA.  I had tried several Outlook startup switches (like /resetfolders) to no avail.  I gave up long ago, but today a request came in from a user who somehow had done the same thing.  So I took another stab at finding a solution.

I happened to be messing around with WebDAV as a means of displaying a group schedule.  (Still haven’t found a way to do that.  If anyone knows of a way to create a shortcut directly to a group schedule item, which itself is a hidden appoinment item in a mailbox or public folder calendar, let me know.  An Outlook shortcut would be best, but I will take an OWA link, too.)

Long story short, you can use WebDAV to manipulate system folders with ease.  I use an excellent freeware tool called Mistaya to browse all WebDAV properties of any item/folder in Exchange.  Among the plethora of properties, the href property is the URL to the folder/item in question.  Take that URL and plug it into the Exchange SDK‘s “WebDAV Sample Application” Source URL field.  Paste it into the Destination URL field, too, but modify the URL so the location is where you want.  In my case, it meant change the relative URL from /Journal/Junk%20E-mail to just /Junk%20E-mail.  Then click the Move Resource button.  If successful, the status field will display code 201.

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