Going to see MercyMe for fourth time. Woohoo!

MercyMe goes to a lot of places for touring, but they don’t seem to hit Portland very often.  Two of the three times I have gone to see them has been in the metro area, with the other being up in Washington for a county fair.  Perhaps this is because Oregon, based on some metric, is the most unchurched state in the country.  I like to think that we may have fewer regular Sunday service attendees per capita, but that we make up for it by having a much higher percentage of those who actually have a personal relationship with Jesus.

This time, Jen and I will be traveling four hours and 270 miles to the booming metropolis of Central Point, where they will be performing with Casting Crowns on July 27.  The drive will be worth it since we have seats in Row 2 (!!), which will be the best seats we have ever had seeing them.

I look forward to seeing them since they are my favorite CCM band, along with Chris Tomlin.  And I look forward to Bart’s new Hymned album, which he has already recorded and I assume will come out later this year.  If you are a poor, lost soul who hasn’t had the opportunity to listen to MercyMe, go to their website to hear them, or visit their blog to see how even grown men can be childish at heart.

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