Finally, a replacement for Lookout, aptly named Lookeen

After Microsoft bought Lookout, by far the best Outlook indexer, they incorporated its functionality into Windows Desktop Search.  WDS is a horrible app, in my opinion.  Microsoft chose to intentionally disallow Lookout as an add-in in Outlook 2007.  I have tried other indexers that work with Outlook, but none could compare to the efficient and fast Lookout.  I settled on Nelson Email Organizer (NEO), which is a standalone application.  It does do some nice things, but it just isn’t the same.

A successor to Lookout has found: Lookeen.  Like Lookout, it is a COM add-in just for indexing your mailbox (not a bloated app that also indexes your mailbox).  It is very fast, and offers a nice feature that Lookout never did: it display results in a tabbed window, so you can view results by their item type (messages, appointments, contacts, files, etc.).  Lookeen is in beta right now, but you can download it and give it a try.  I haven’t tried any complex searches, but my early results are very positive.

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