Updated: Copy DLs from one user to another

The first version of the script really was quick and dirty, requiring you to manually put the source and target users’ DNs in the script.  Since a coworker has been using the script, I thought it appropriate to update it to prompt for the usernames.  In addition, I added a new feature I recently read about, which is to output the results in real-time to a GUI.  This is done by creating an object for IE and writing the output similar to wscript.echo, but with the Write method of the object.

Like the original script, since we use automated DLs, too, I look for an indication that a given DL is a SmartDL and skip it.  And I now use PrimalScript to work with my scripts, so I use its packager to make an exectuable.  This makes it easier and nicer for non-IT end-users who will be running scripts like these.

Download it here, or copy/paste below.

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