Funny video that’s been sitting in my temp folder

This video has been sitting in my temp directory since July, 2005.  I figured some day I would get to it, and since I am cleaning my temp directory, that day is today.  The video is a clip from an HBO comedy performance where the comedian mimes actions to Natalie Imbruglia’s "Torn."  He does it with amazingly smooth transitions from each action to the next, not to mention how he choose to mime certain words.

HollowMen Video

This is what my coworkers think of me

I am not sure if I am supposed to take this as an insult or a compliment.  All I know is I dance way better than this guy.  For those that don’t know, the comparison is because I ride a 1983 Honda Nighthawk 550.

Biker dancing to My Humps

Return to your youth with a little Information Society

As a youth of the 80s, New Wave music was all the rage (well, at least one of them). I distinctly remember this video from Information Society. Looking at it today shows how truly bad the video is; I think I can lip sync better. But it is still memorable to watch:

Information Society – Walking Away Video

Taking Christmas lights to a whole new level

My wife and friends say I go too far (though not quite Chevy Chase too far) simply because I have an inflatable penguin in my front yard, a couple lighted reindeer that always get, uh, “rearranged” by neighborhood teens every year, and lights around the house.  I think it’s the fact that they are connected individually to X10 that pushes me into geek territory.  But I am put to shame with this find, courtesy of YouTube.  It is a fuzzy home video of Deerfield Township, Ohio resident Carson Williams’ Christmas lights synchronized to “Wizards of Winter” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra: