Recommend Bart Millard’s new CD, Hymned No. 1

I am on the MercyMe mailing list, so I knew Bart’s new solo album, Hymned No. 1, was coming out. I listened to the first track (all that was available) and thought it was great, so I preordered it. Not until I received it a few weeks ago did I realize that the first track is the only original song on the album. The rest are rearrangements of hymns. You’d think I would have known that based on the album title alone. Not being a fan of hymns, I didn’t have high hopes for the remainder of the album. My first listen went along with that: it was okay but not spectacular. But the more I listened to it, the more I realized how much I really love the album. And now I listen to it all the time. Whether it is Bart’s voice or the arrangments, it is an excellent album. High praise (no pun intended) considering I am not fond of traditional hymns in the first place.

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