New CDs in response to Passion’s & Chris Tomlin’s Indescribable Tour

The tour came to Salem for its penultimate stop on the Passion Conferences Six Steps Records tour.  It included music from Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, and a presentation by Louis Giglio.  Wow, Louis is an excellent speaker and his presentation was very awe inspiring.  After listening to Chris and Matt sing, and anyone who listens to CCM has no doubt heard songs written or sung by both of them, I had to get some CDs.  So I picked up Chris’ Arriving, Matt’s Blessed Be Your Name, and Passion’s How Great Is Our God.

I was expecting to enjoy Matt’s album more since I am more of a fan of his music versus Chris’, but I was surprised to “hear” how much I liked the album.  One of the reasons I got it is because it contains my favorite CCM song of all, How Great Is Our God.  The rest of the album is excellent, so I recommend it. 

I was not as impressed with Matt’s album, notably because it contains only live music.  I am a fan of studio recordings first, and then only live recordings if I like the song in the first place.  The album still has some really good songs, notably Blessed Be Your Name and Undignified, the latter which I could play over and over.  But I think I will have to get his albums that have studio recordings of these to really appreciate the songs. 

The same applies to the Passion CD; live music from the Passion ’05 tour.  It’s a good album if it has a bunch of songs you want all together on one CD, but otherwise I recommend picking up the individual artists’ CDs.

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