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Category: Scripts 
» Size: 3.0 KiB - Last updated: November 12, 2010
PowerShell script to read an LDAP filter from the clipboard, format it for readability and display the output in an IE window. Also includes my original VBScript version. 
» Size: 3.1 KiB - Last updated: March 1, 2010
v1.31 - Modified script for querying the OCS archiving database that adds grouping by conversation, date filters, and removes dependencies on external files for XML transformation. 
» Size: 1.5 KiB - Last updated: February 9, 2010
PowerShell script to compare deployed BES handheld versions to a locally installed repository.

BES License Monitor 
» Size: 1.1 KiB - Last updated: July 30, 2009
Based on the license limit and threshold set in the script, it will determine current license usage and email you when the threshold has been exceeded.

Last Backup Report (Exchange 2007) 
» Size: 1.7 KiB - Last updated: December 19, 2008
This script will determine the last time all databases in your Exchange 2007 organization were backed up. It will email you the results and indicate if any have not been backed up in a specified number of hours, as well as let you know in the subject if all is well or needs attention.

SmartDL Last Update 
» Size: 3.1 KiB - Last updated: September 8, 2008
This script will email you the date and time that all SmartDLs in your organization were last updated.

Convert Mailbox GUID to Display Name 
» Size: 106.2 KiB - Last updated: February 27, 2008
Given a mailbox GUID from an event log entry (such as when object limits are reached), this will transpose the GUID and match it to the user in AD and give the display name.

Parse LDAP Filter 
» Size: 1.5 KiB - Last updated: August 8, 2007
This script will take an LDAP search filter and produce a more readable format, adjusting the indentation as nesting increases and decreases.

Copy DL Membership 
» Size: 1.4 KiB - Last updated: July 23, 2007
This script will look at the DL membership of a source user and put a target user in the same DLs.

Last Backup Report (Exchange 2003) 
» Size: 1.2 KiB - Last updated: December 5, 2006
This script will determine that last time a full backup of all Exchange 2003 databases in your organization occurred and email the results.

Disable Exchange ActiveSync 
» Size: 1.3 KiB - Last updated: December 4, 2006
This script gets all mailbox-enabled users that are not in a given DL and disables the ability to synchronize with an Exchange ActiveSync client.

Default Calendar Permission 
» Size: 2.3 KiB - Last updated: June 22, 2006
This script takes the members of a DL and sets the default permission of each member's calendar to Reviewer.

Update Proxy Address 
» Size: 1.5 KiB - Last updated: May 2, 2006
Given a new domain name, this script will make the current primary SMTP address a secondary and create a new primary address using the new domain.

Mailbox Size and Quota (Exchange 2003) 
» Size: 2.6 KiB - Last updated: October 6, 2005
This script will calculate the current space usage of a mailbox, determine which quota limit applies (policy, database, user) and display where the usage falls relative to the applicable quota limit.

Password Expiration Warning Email 
» Size: 2.2 KiB - Last updated: September 20, 2005
For users who do no log into AD interactively (such as OWA-only users), this script will email a user when his passsword expiration is in less than 14 days.

Mailbox Delegate Rule Deleter 
» Size: 1.4 KiB - Last updated: September 16, 2005
This script looks for the hidden inbox rule that forwards meeting requests to a delegate and allows you to delete it. This is beneficial when the rule is orphaned because the delegate mailbox no longer exists.


Category: Windows Mobile

ROM Update Utility for HTC Wizard 
» Size: 288.3 KiB - Last updated: November 5, 2007
This version of the ROM Update Utility (RUU) doesn't check for a specific Carrier ID (CID) in the ROM image, so it allows you to flash a ROM from any source.


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