Delegate management module updated to 1.4.6

A small update has been made so that comparing delegates to users with Full Access and Send As works for Exchange Online accounts. The code to translate a user ID to a SID returns an error when used against Exchange Online. If the connection mode is for Exchange Online, it will now use SMTP address to match a delegate to a user with Full Access and Send As permissions. Download the updated module here: (9.2 KiB)

2 thoughts on “Delegate management module updated to 1.4.6

  1. Does this script perhaps allow adding mail enabled security groups as delegates?
    I found your script and it works fine with mailboxes, but when I try adding a group I get this error “Find-Mailbox : A mailbox cannot be found that matches the input string FAPSenior&Compliance.”
    The error is self explanitory, but I am not sure what to edit/add in the module to get the ability to do this

  2. Exchange doesn’t allow non-mailbox recipient objects to be added as delegates. If you want the people in the group to be delegates, you’ll have to get the members, loop through them, and add each individually.

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